Our estate planning clients are a diverse group, one that includes people with property interests of considerable value and complexity, young couples attending to estate planning for the first time, and everyone in between.  In all cases, we take a comprehensive view of the planning process as we craft a sophisticated, durable, and value-conscious estate plan that provides appropriately for loved ones.


For those clients whose circumstances require more involved planning approaches, we happily tender the expertise, creativity, and good judgment necessary to address those circumstances. Our aim is to help clients balance the often competing goals of providing for the appropriate passing of property while minimizing adverse tax and other legal consequences.  A related aim in all cases is to promote our clients’ understanding of their estate plans and the legal principles brought to bear upon them.


Our services include the preparation of wills, all manner of trusts (including revocable, irrevocable, charitable, and life insurance trusts), family LLCs and partnerships, business succession planning, gifting strategies, charitable planning, powers of attorney, health care directives, along with planning for beneficiaries with extraordinary needs, guardianships and adoptions.


In addition to planning for the appropriate disposition of property, we also regularly provide counsel with respect to probate and the administration of estates and trusts. With respect to decedents’ estates, our usual role is to advise and support personal representatives (also commonly known as “executors”) in estate settlement. Carrying out the dispositive plan set forth in a will or trust instrument typically involves navigating the probate process and attending to various Maine and federal tax filings, while addressing other legal issues that may arise. We offer comprehensive representation across all fronts. We also represent trustees and beneficiaries during the lifespan of various kinds of trusts, providing ongoing tax and accounting support and advising clients with respect to fiduciary responsibilities and the rights of beneficiaries.


We do serve as trustees and personal representatives ourselves when appropriate.

In these roles we are happy to work alongside family members or corporate fiduciaries or serve independently.


Sometimes our work calls upon us to represent parties in contested matters in Maine’s probate and superior courts. These cases might include trust reformation proceedings, contested guardianship and conservatorship matters, and will contests, among others. In these areas, we provide intelligent and vigorous representation with the aim of resolving these matters sensibly and expeditiously. In all of these matters, we are committed to providing service that is responsive and cost-effective.












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